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Mexico: Authorities in Boca del Rio Look for UFO

Mexico: Authorities in Boca del Rio Look for UFO
By Rodrigo Barranco

Ver. - On the evening of April 8 hundreds sent out Twitter messages
indicating that a fireball-shaped UFO was streaking over the city's sky
at high speed.

The story did not go beyond that. However,
authorities are looking into the object that plowed its way through the
heavens, as there have been previous incidents involving meteorites.

Cano Luna, director of the Boca del Río Civil Protection agency,
believed that these are not stories made up by the citizenry -- years
ago there was a similar phenomenon that had a scientific explanation.

happened last night may have been a bolide, but I am unable to confirm
this as I did not witness it. Statistically, we do have antecedents to
the event. In the 1960s, a meteorite passed in front of the central
coast of Veracruz. It was believed to have crashed in the mountainous
region of the state, but this wasn't the case. Everything indicates
that [this object] became lost in that same region," he remarked.

bolide is an orb like a meteorite, having sufficient surface to be seen
by the human eye; they often strike the ground and disintegrate.

Friday night, hundreds of persons reported a fireball crossing the
skies over Veracruz, saying it was "a UFO in flames". They made this
known over the social networks.

(Translation (c) S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Nivel 13)

Scott Corrales -EE.UU.-
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