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Extraño objeto en Florida

Extraño objeto en Florida
después de que un sistema de tormentas, un ciudadano tomó foto con un celular a las nubes y luego encontró un objeto oscuro que antes no había visto
Unknown Object Photographed in Florida

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Published: 11:33 AM 7/26/2009
Florida - 07-24-09

A thunderstorm system had just passed through East Volusia County which produced several tornadoes. I was interested in the cloud formations which looked very different for our area, so I took a picture of the clouds with my cellphone an lg cu400.
I did not notice the dark object when I took the photo, as the clouds were my focus. This is the original photo off my cellphone. I hope someone can indentify this object, as it has me baffled.
Any ideas?

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http://www.ufocaseb ook.com/2009c/ florida072409. html

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